Non-Profit Society

Non-profit societies can own land and there are several non-profits in BC that have purchased agricultural land for different reasons.  Land trust organizations are also non-profits however have been placed into a separate category for the purposes of this research.  Land trusts have a specific mandate to manage land for certain purposes through direct acquisition of the land or the use of covenants on the land.  Non-profits which are not specifically land trusts are also able to purchase land,  however the purchasing of land is typically used to fulfill some mandate through the use of the land purchased rather than to protect and manage land in and of itself.  There are several cases of non-profit societies in BC that have purchased agricultural land and in all of the cases known to date the society itself also manages the land. There is variation in who and how the land is accessed and in the purpose for the society owning and managing the agricultural land.

Case Studies

1) Senden Agriculture Resource Centre

2) Glenora Farm

Other examples: Linnaea Farm, Providence Farm, Clear Sky Mediation Retreat and Farm,  Woodwynn Farm